modelland "top choice system" project

work in progress

"the top choice system" is the result of years of development and study of "nextgen game theory." that is, the theory/study of making any interaction optimized.
you can explore some of the drafts of the system HERE
in a nutshell:
it optimizes choices. personal choices as well as interactive/connected choices. it is the most effective and efficient system on the planet for easily handling an UNLIMITED number of interactions. it can be used for democracy, personal matching, games, emergencies, personal decisions, group decisions, entertainment, competitions, business, social causes, searches & info, organization of anything, priorities, preferences... let's give some examples: if you don't know if your soulmate is out there, it can find it with you; if the world needs to sort out who is hungriest, it lets the world sort it FAST and BEST; if you wanna find the best movies (black & white from hungary released in 1963, or the latest hollywood blockbusters), there you go, at your fingertips; if you want to let people know about your idea, your business project, the new sport you got, your most unusual club, your dream world event -- w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r -- you plug it into the system and it connects you to the right audience; it mixes/integrates advertising with entertainment and it creates a new economy; if you wanna find someone who loves your poetry, it connects you; it even reminds you to turn off your oven or start your tivo (or it can do it for you, if you like). basically, it optimizes everything. in your personal gadget/app, as well as on the internet. wether the gadget is in batman's toolbelt/batmobile console, or in your smartphone, at your fingertips.