modelland "top choice system" project

work in progress

in a nutshell, what does the system DO?

whether it's about the best thing for the friggin world, or the best thing for YOU NOW, it gets it to the top of the screen.

social-media-wise, those who believe in digital tech more than old-skool cards, could argue that "The Top Choice System" website/app is by far the largest and most ambitious project.
either, within a few years from launch, it will "beat" google and apple on the market (both currently worth much more than even facebook), or it won't.
the potential of "the top choice system" app/site is that it will become the most used personal app and the most used website on earth. or not. haha.

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part of the modelland crossover project.
contact: tyra banks (author of the first original modelland novel) and/or took thorntorn (author [under different names] of published comics, fantasy and fiction, as well as of alternative/postmodern modelland projects)